The Palm of His Hands

I pleaded with the Lord and He heard and answered me! I must say, faith at times is very
trying. We are to walk by faith and not by sight. O.K, I get that… It’s amazing to me how much I trust Jesus for my Eternal Destiny but worry about my Temporal Journey. In prayer on the afternoon of May 12th, 2015, I pleaded with the Lord to give me a sign. Not sure I should do that but I needed something. “Lord, give me something.” I don’t usually pray like that because I try and pray for other people and mainly guidance for myself as a pastor. But that day,  I prayed give it to me… After dinner, my daughter and I went outside to fill the bird feeders. As I was arranging the feeders, that’s right, my daughter likes to rearrange them as much as the furniture in her room. Doesn’t she know the birds get use to them in the SAME SPOT…lol. As I was moving the hummingbird feeder, I noticed my black, female lab over by one of the feeders. Upon further investigation, the lab had found a baby bird. I called to my daughter to place the labs in the kennel and summoned her over to see this sight. Of course she wanted to hold the little fellow. I reached down my hand and he was scooped up into my palm. Palm of my hand… That’s the same way I felt that day. I have been scooped up in the very hand of God. He holds me, my family, my fears, my worries, my calling, my ministry, my FUTURE in the palm of His hand. He did it! God sent me a sign. I can’t tell you how much of a burden that I felt was pulled off of me at that moment. Yes, I was in tears as my Father showed Himself faithful and loving. I am amazed at how much Jesus loves us. “Wherever Jesus is, that’s where I want to be”… Thanks Stephen Wolf Jr…

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