“I G N I T E”

My God is Awesome…

A couple of years ago, God put a word on my heart during a worship service. “IGNITE” – I had yet to figure it out. Many of you have heard me speak about this word. Many of you, I have talked to about this word. What does it mean for me? I have prayed and sought the meaning, to no avail. This morning in my Bible Study, as I am seeking diligently REVIVAL in my own life, came the answer. I was finishing my study by reading a book by Harold Vaughan, Revival in our time, and in searching for over two years, God gave me the answer.

Quote from the book…”That which began with the man in the pulpit set in motion the blaze in the pew.”

God has called me to REVIVAL. Not sure where or how, but He has gloriously called me to IGNITE the pew.

May I ask you to please give time in prayer for God’s direction and place of REVIVAL He would lead me to. My passion and heart is to pastor a Church that is to be set aflame for the Lord Jesus Christ.


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