Who Is Jesus?

Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of this ministry. This ministry is centered in His teachings and revolves around Him. Jesus is the Son of God who left the splendor of heaven, took on human flesh, gave us the will of God, and eventually succumbed to death on a cross in order to save humanity from an impending hell. He was crucified on a Roman cross and rose three days later from the dead, conquering satan, the great adversary of God. He showed Himself to over five hundred people on at least ten different occasions and then physically ascended back to heaven to take His rightful seat at the right hand of God His Father.

Jesus Christ now acts as our mediator in heaven against our adversary. Through Him is the only way a person will ever have entrance into heaven. Through His blood, and nothing else, can a person be made right with God and have his sin washed away forever. Without the blood of Christ, mankind has no hope.

Make no mistake about it, this ministry is completely and utterly centered on the person of Jesus Christ. I love Him, adore Him, am thankful to Him, and most of all, I worship Him.

In everything I do, I desire to lift Him up that people might be saved.